Please click here.  Since we purchase power from Alliant Energy, we follow their electric service rules.


Please fill out and return the Residential or Non-Residential Electric Service Application.  The Utility provides the first 100 feet of secondary service free, and the customer is responsible for the rest.  


We recommend having the meter socket installed on the foundation of the house so that we can provide permanent power right away.  This way, the customer does not incur a temp service fee, and the Utility only has make one visit to the worksite.

Please see above for our frost policy.



There is a $150 fee for all temporary services.  This fee must be paid, and the service inspected, before we can install the meter.  For Black Earth customers, please submit the payment to Vanguard Electric (mailing address); for Mazomanie customers, the fee is paid to the Village of Mazomanie in conjunction with the building permit fee(s).



Please fill out and return the Residential or Non-Residential Electric Service Application.  Depending on the existing and desired services, the customer may incur some or all of the costs.  Contact us for more information.



We repair all village-owned street lights.  If you notice a light that is not working properly, please click below to submit a repair request, or call us at 608-767-2561.



Vanguard Electric assesses a frost charge for permanent services or service extensions requested between December 1 - April 15 each year.  The charge will be a flat fee of $300 for services connected temporarily until Spring; or, if the customer requires the service to be put underground, Vanguard Electric will hire a drilling contractor, and the customer will be responsible for the entire cost.  In the case of permanent installations, the standard 100 feet free does not apply.