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Net Metering: We install bi-directional meters, and payback is currently at the retail rate.

Service Rules (Wiring diagrams and acceptable connection points)



You and your installer are responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of your generation system.  You must comply with all government laws pertaining to customer generation.  For Wisconsin requirements, refer to PSC 119.  In addition, you must obtain all required permits or licenses necessary for construction of your system.


Liability insurance is required by law.  You must maintain limits equal to or greater than those indicated in PSC 119, or prove financial responsiblity by another means mutually agreeable to both parties.

If you make any material modifications to your system at any time during or after installation, you must notify us within the proper timeframes indicated in PSC 119.  Material modifications are those that change the electrical output of your system, or significant changes to equipment.

Going solar is a big investment, and we want you to be certain you are making an informed decision.  The Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection has written the following Solar Power Buying Tips, and we advise you to review it before making a final decision.


2: Submit Interconnection Application and Supporting Documents

Contact us via phone or email to request interconnection.  Within five business days, we will respond to your request with the appropriate standard application form.



Black Earth Electric Utility

1210 Mills Street, Black Earth, WI 53515

Mazomanie Electric Utility

133 Crescent Street, Mazomanie, WI 53560

Please include all supplemental documents as indicated on the application:

1. Proof of insurance, with acceptable coverage limits

2. One-line diagram (with inverter, utility/customer connection point, common coupling, disconnect switch, grounding, protection functions)

3. Plot plan

4. Spec sheets for equipment, including inverter, solar panels, turbine, etc.

Note: If the disconnect switch will not be located within 10 feet of the meter, a permanent placard must be installed on the meter socket indicating the location of the switch and distance in feet from the meter.

3: Utility Review of Application

Within ten business days of receiving a new or revised application, we will notify you whether or not the application is complete.  If incomplete, you will be required to resubmit.

Within ten working days of determining that the application is complete, we will review the application.  If we determine that an engineering review is needed, we will notify you and state the cost of the review.  If you do not hear from us within ten days, you may proceed with Step 6, Installation of Customer Generation.

4: Engineering Review (if necessary)

If an engineering review is needed, we will complete the review upon receiving (1) your written approval to proceed, and (2) receipt of payment.  After the review is complete, we will notify you of the results.

5: Distribution System Study (if necessary)

If the engineering review indicates that a distribution system study is necessary, we will include, in writing, a cost estimate in the review.  We will complete the distribution study and notify you of the results, including construction or modification costs that you will need to pay.

We will proceed with the necessary system upgrades upon receiving (1) your written approval, and (2) receipt of payment.

6: Installation of Customer Generation

You may install your generation facility within a mutually agreed upon timeframe, after all of the above applicable steps have been completed.  You must notify us when your project construction is complete and has been approved by the building inspector.

7: Testing of Customer System

Once you notify us that construction is complete, we have the opportunity to witness commissioning tests, verify protective equipment settings at our expense, and/or waive our right (in writing) to witness or verify commissioning tests.  You are also required to provide us with any test results.  We may review the test results and will notify you whether the interconnection is approved or disapproved.

8: Interconnection Agreement

If the interconnection is approved, we will provide a written statement of final acceptance and cost reconciliation.  Before parallel generation commences, the Interconnection Agreement must be signed by both parties.

1: Contact Us

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Interconnection Process
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